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Michael Pollack, WestStar Principal and bestselling author of “Success Manifesto” featuring Brian Tracy, helps income property owners across Southern California reach their income and retirement goals by efficiently running their businesses all while providing housing for families and coordinating their housing needs.

Starting with an 86% occupancy level and a 15% delinquency factor when the doors of WestStar first opened, Michael led the team to an overall portfolio-wide occupancy level of 98% along with a delinquency factor of 3% in the first six months of operation while doubling the size of the portfolio in the first eight months. The details on how this achievement was executed are found in Michael’s Victory Code plan outlined in the bestselling book, “Success Manifesto.”

Michael’s extensive commitment and obsession for success in all areas of life is only preceded by his drive and passion for the building of good, strong relationships with clients, team members, vendors, local and state government officials, residents, and even his competitors! He is the driving force behind the operations of WestStar, its policies, procedures, and training, as well as the All-Star staffing WestStar enjoys.

Mr. Pollack also devotes time working as a volunteer Director and Committee Member for the esteemed, non-profit Apartment Association, California Southern Cities. Here Michael is working with long time experts, lawmakers, property owners, local residents, developers, and community leaders helping to make Southern California a better place to live and own property by helping to educate and bring understanding to the different views and realities about rental housing throughout the area.

Michael puts a strong emphasis on learning and sharpening his and his team’s skills by consistently applying and training on the Victory Code formula—results based productivity and achievement. As a dedicated husband and father of two, he enjoys working with families and developing ways to combat poverty therefore strengthening the fabric of our society—family. He enjoys spending time giving classes, speaking at churches, events, and homeless shelters, providing vision, personal coaching, and guidance to groups and individuals alike.

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