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To steward properties in a way that best fits company mission and values, WestStar Property Management uses a resident-focused approach. Prominence is placed on assuring that residents’ needs are met, fiscal reporting is precise, and the properties are carefully maintained.

WestStar is dedicated to meeting the housing needs of all income level individuals and families and has developed a variety of affordable and superior housing alternatives to multi-unit buildings. WestStar started out managing nearly five hundred self-owned units in over thirty-five communities and because of the steadfast pressure applied in the marketplace and on their residents to perform, they have doubled the size of their portfolio in just six months of operation by adding third-party clientele on relationship basis only. In addition, the company works closely with Section 8 families and Rent Control communities to serve the needs of those requiring further assistance with their living situations and providing clients with expertise in navigating the tough and harsh restrictions of Rent Control. On all accounts, absolute dedication to their residents is what creates longevity and keeps their managed properties stable and that same absolute dedication to their clientele is what creates the lasting relationships they’ve enjoyed in all other ventures past and present. The results are higher returns and fewer headaches for their clientele.

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Property Management Activities

Some of the property management activities include:

  • Developing superb marketing plans which are used to generate interest by potential applicants.

  • Processing every potential applicant to ensure compliance with all fair housing regulations.

  • Maintaining each property including day-to-day activities and major capital improvements.

  • Supplying each facility with ample oversight and fulfilling regular property inspections.

  • Managing all bank accounts and finances for each property, collecting all rents, and completing all required government and project reports.

  • Providing support and training to ensure that on-site, as well as off-site, staff is up to date on all government directives, policies and procedures and fair housing changes.

  • Supporting residents in their efforts to develop onsite recreation and program activities, inevitably fostering superb resident retention in order to keep residents in place and to continue renting from the community.

  • Robust vendor management—getting the best for the best cost.

  • In-house, 24-hour maintenance staff to minimize cost and other expenses as well as timely customer satisfaction so residents aren’t waiting on a vendor. For plumbing, electrical, and other services WestStar rates cannot be beat at $42.50/hour, during regular business hours, Mon-Fri.

  • Regular property inspections to ensure great curb appeal and thwart possible maintenance emergencies whenever possible.

  • Constant schooling through local and national apartment association memberships. This keeps the company up to date on all new laws, procedures, scams, etc. in order to avoid the pitfalls many owners deal with improperly and/or illegally without even knowing.

  • Keeping properties in compliance with signage (i.e. Prop 65) as well as liability protection for mold notification and eradication.

  • “7 day work weeks to make sure that your vacancies are constantly worked on and made ready without taking costly, valuable weekend time off like most others do.

  • And so much more!

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